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MiTAC's Original Design and Manufacturing (ODM) services provide design, development, manufacturing, supply chain management and order fulfillment for enterprise products OEM customers. Through these services, we provide value of streamline product development, product time to market and cost savings.

Our product development engineering team has professional capability on hardware design, industrial design, mechnical parts design, system integration validation, and regulatory certification.

Our product development service include:

System Architecture: we design and develop innovative and cost-effective products, and our services include product definition, analysis and optimization of performance, functional requirements and costs, mock-ups, concept proof, and product packaging.

Mechanical, Enclosure, Thermal and Tooling Design: we offer development on mechanical, enclosures, and thermal design solutions, and production tooling.

Electronic Design: we provide electrical and hardware design for complete products.

System Validation: we do complete system function validation, software compatability validation, reliability validation.

Rack Mount Server

  • 1U/2U/4U chassis
  • Intel/AMD 1S/2S/4S processor

Intel/AMD 1S/2S/4S processor

  • IIntel/AMD 1S/2S/4S processor


  • JBOD
  • SAN
  • Embedded or x86 processor


  • Intel/AMD 2S/4S processor

GPU Computing

  • 1U/2U/4U chassis
  • Intel/AMD 2S/4S processor
  • Various PCI-E 2.0 x 16 slots supporting various GPU cards
  • Design for NVIDA Tesla & AMD Firestream GPU computing cards.

Cloud Computing

  • Intel/AMD 1S/2S/4S processor
  • High Density
  • 2 nodes in 1U or 4 nodes in 2U