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Q. When and where was MiTAC International Corporation incorporated?

MiTAC International Corporation was incorporated in December 1982 in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Q. What are the major products and services of MiTAC International orporation?

MiTAC's three major businesses are
(1) Client Computing Business (All-In-One PC, Thin Client).
(2) Enterprise Business (Server, Workstation, Storage, Cloud Computing Application).
(3) Mobile and Automotive Business (Portable Navigation Device, PND; Outdoor Navigation Device, Tablet Series, Automotive solution).

Q. Where are the Headquarters and global operation sites of MiTAC International Corporation?

For details, please visit: Worldwide Locations
Offices in Taiwan

Headquarters & Factory
Yuan-Far 2nd Road, Hsinchu Industrial Park,Hsinchu County, ,Taiwan,R.O.C.
Tel.: 886-03-577-9250

Linko Branch
200, Win-Hua 2nd Road, Qua-Sun Village, Taoyuan , Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel.: 886-03-396-2888

Nangang Office
Building B, No.209, Sec. 1, Nangang Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei 11568, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel.: 886-02-2652-5888

Q. On which stock exchange does MiTAC trade and what is its ticker symbol?

MiTAC International Corporation was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange from 1992. Shifting global economic trends, the proliferation of smartphones and tablet products, the emergence big data and the growth of cloud computing have prompted MiTAC Group to devote its resources to establishing itself in the cloud industry, focusing on cloud services and client services. Therefore, MiTAC Holdings Corporation, through a stock swap from MiTAC International Corp., was established on September 12, 2013 and listed and traded on Taiwan Stock Exchange under stock code 3706, company code ¨MiTAC” .

Q. When is MiTAC's next quarterly earnings release date?

Please refer to MiTAC Holdings financial release:

Q. What is the Stock agent (Stock agency) of MiTAC International Corporation?

Name; Chinatrust, Stock agent
Address: 5F, 83, Sec. 1, Chung-Chin S. Road, Taipei City
Tel.: (02)2361-3033

Q. What is MiTAC International Corporation's historic dividend payout?

Unit: NT$ per share
Year of Dividend Paid
Share Dividend
Cash Dividend