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            Sammy Huang
  Public Relations Manager
  TEL: +886-3-3962888
  EXT: 6709
MiTAC to Showcase Smart IoT Products at Computex
Mio MiVue™ R30 Wins Computex Best Choice Award
Wearables With Accurate Heart Rate Recording Health Management
(May 29, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan) Aiming at the rising demand for IoT (Internet of Things) applications and thrift of wearables, MiTAC International Corp.,a subsidiary of MiTAC Holdings Corporation (TWSE: 3706), will showcase relevant latest solutions at Computex Taipei 2015 during June 2-6.
Automotive Solution: Navigation Box with Proven Record
MiTAC has been cultivating the autotronics market for years and will exhibit comprehensive automotive solutions at Computex 2015. The Navigation Box, certified by leading automakers and friendly to integrate with cars, is easy to upgrade and use and supports local information service. The box design enables OEM factories to provide more future and advanced services for GPS and infotainment systems.
Mio MiVueTM R30 wins Computex Best Choice Award
In driving recorders, the rear-mirror drive video recorder Mio MiVueTM R30 won the Computex Best Choice 2015. Emphasizing a 4.3-inch large and ultra-slim screen and sharper image quality, the overall body is only 12mm thick (9mm the thinnest part) and equipped with full-glass lens and 1296P super HD recording quality. Along with the HDR (high dynamic range) function eliminating over or under exposure, users can always capture the best image in both sunny and rainy days.
Decade-long iF Product Design Winner
As a winner of iF Design Awards every year over the past decade, MiTAC won the iF Design Award 2015 again with a host of products. All award-winning products will be displayed at Computex 2015, including the latest Mio MiVueTM 518 drive video recorder emphasizing safe design and sharp recording quality, the wearable heath management bracelet and the MioWORK A335 industrial tablet for IoT.
Next-gen health wearable solution: Improving health management with accurate heartrate monitoring
MiTAC launches a host of health wearable solutions, including models with the fastest and most accurate ECG detection technology. With NASA EMD technology, this health wearable can accurately detect the physiological indices of users within just two minutes. These indices including heart rate, physiological age, stress index, and vitality index enable modern people to keep track on and analyze their own physiological condition with these indices and so balance sleep and exercise. This year MiTAC launches the world’s first medical-grade ECG bracelet as a clinical aid for cardiovascular disease screening, which is the best solution for arrhythmia detection. In addition, the brand-new optical heartrate and activity recorder bracelet can record the heartrate change in different activities over a 24-hour period to provide more precise calorie consumption records and physiological activity analysis for users to control physical health more accurately.