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Comprehensive orientation and thoughtful coaching system for new recruits

To help new recruits adapt quickly to the company culture, learn about various company resources & systems, and get into a healthy professional mindset, our orientation will shorten the time it normally takes for new employees to learn the ropes.


Training & growth camps for newly appointed supervisors

We think highly of how supervisors can nurture and enlighten their subordinates. We provide supervisors with a series of systematic training sessions to prepare them as professional managers.


Diverse environment for self-improvement

When employees grow, we as a company grow too. To maximize our employees’ professional development, we provide an online education platform and comprehensive library collection, as well as generous subsidies for on-the-job training.

Diverse Training Courses

We develop and nurture talents with a huge variety of training courses related to one’s profession, management, competency, emotional management and language skills. We challenge employees to reach their full potential with step-by-step training.

Performance-Based Promotion and Reward

Each year we present prizes and bonuses to reward high-performing employees. We know it when you work hard.

Creating your future

Every Journey Starts with One Step.

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