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Compensation Committee

The Company established a Compensation Committee comprised of 3 outside experts who satisfied criteria of professionalism and independence. The committee holds meetings at least twice a year and exercises the following authorities in a professional and objective manner; its suggestions are raised for discussion in board meetings:

  1. Periodically reviewing “Compensation Committee Charter” of the Corporation and making recommendations for amendments.
  2. Establishing and periodically reviewing the performance assessment standards, annual and long-term performance goals, and the policies, systems, standards, and structure for the compensation of the directors and managerial officers of the Corporation.
  3. Periodically assessing the degree to which performance goals for the directors and managerial officers of the Corporation have been achieved, setting the types and amounts of their individual compensation based on the results of the reviews conducted in accordance with the performance assessment standards.

Convener: Ma, Shaw-Hsiang



BBA, Hitotsubashi University





Chairman, MACISCO Ltd.


Director & President, Federal Corp.


President, Jiangsu Jiaguo Building Materials Processing and Warehousing Ltd.


Chairman, MAXON Corp.


Independent Director, MiTAC Holdings Corp.

Members: Lu, Shyue-Ching



University of Hawaii System, Department of Electrical Engineering, EngD


National Cheng Kung U., Department of Engineering Science, BS





President, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.


Chairman, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.


Independent Director, Radium Life Tech. Co., Ltd.


Director, Sercomm Corporation


Director, CTCI Advanced Systems Inc.


Director, XRSPACE Co., Ltd.


Independent Director, MiTAC Holdings Corp.

Members: Tsay, Ching-Yen



Bachelor’s Degree in Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University


Doctoral Degree in Atmospheric Sciences, The University of Utah, the US


Postdoctoral research in Harvard University


Honorary Doctorate from the National Central University





Chairman of Golden Asia Fund Taiwan, LTD. 


Chairman of Industrial Technology Research Institute


Minister without portfolio and organizer for Science and Technology


Advisors Team, Executive Yuan


Vice Chairman of the National Science Council


Director-general of Civil Aeronautics Administration


Director-general of Central Weather Bureau


Professor and Dean of the Atmospheric Sciences Department, Natioanal Taiwan University


Member of the Compensation Committee of MiTAC Inc.

Managing director (independent director) of China Development Financial Holding Corporation


Managing director (independent director) of CDIB Capital Grou

Chairman of LOFTechnology, Inc.


Chairman of Taiwan ITRI Entrepreneur Investment Fund

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