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Ethical Corporate Management

Core Value of  Integrity


“Integrity” has always been the foundation of MiTAC's sustainable management. We insist on operation transparency and carry out internal management. With comprehensive education, training, and promotion, we have strengthened the professional ethics of our employees and further extend such demand to our suppliers. We have systematically practiced legal tracking, assessment, and implementation, thus becoming a trustworthy good partner of our stakeholders.




To practice the ideals of sincerity and integrity, promotion has been strengthened on MiTAC's official website and other media. We have stipulated various anti-corruption management guidelines as our basis of practice. At the same time, we have provided report channels on anti-corruption. Also through the irregular reminder from executives, we ensure employees would understand the company's emphasis on ethical issues and practice the spirit of sincerity and integrity in their works.


Through internal monitoring and internal auditing, MiTAC has carried out supervision and investigation on corruption incidents. We have assessed major corruption risks through risk evaluation, including violation of business secrets, embezzlement, the theft and selling of enterprise properties, and receiving rebates or unjust profits. MiTAC has not received any reports on violation of professional ethics from January to October in 2020.


To instantly prevent illegal incidents such as the violation of sincerity and integrity, fraud, or corruption. MiTAC has stipulated “Rules on Reporting Corruption and Malfeasance.” The auditing unit has to form an Investigation Committee to investigate within 3 days after receiving related reports. If the incident is verified to be true, besides demanding timely improvement from related units, those responsible will also be punished accordingly.



Whistleblower Protection Mechanism

To ensure the safety of whistleblowers, the secrecy of reports and related papers, and prevent whistleblowers from being avenged, a comprehensive whistleblower protection mechanism was also stipulated to refrain unfavorable treatment to whistleblowers. At the same time, NT$200,000 or 5% of the loss amount will be rewarded to them.


Procedure of【Rules on Reporting Corruption and Malfeasance】



Report Mail Box

 Executive of Audit Office audit_mic@mic.com.tw 

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