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Employee Care

Employees are the most valuable asset of MHC

  • Global turnover rate 12 % : Lower than that of 2017.

  • Average training hour/person 56.3 hours: Increased compared to 2017.

  • Retention rate after paternal leave 100 % : retention rate of over 90% for 3 straight years.

  • Disabling injury severity rate (SR) 12.5 / Disabling injury frequency rate (FR) 5.9 : Better than the SR requirements in OHSAS18001: 2017.


Employment Policy and Labor Force Structure

Adherence to the Employment Policy

MiTAC values our employees' rights, thus we comply with various labor laws and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. Furthermore, we do not hire child laborers under the age of 15, and we do not tolerate forced labor or permit underage employees to engage in high-risk work.


Facilitate Employee Adaptive Development

In order to help new employees blend in and optimize their learning time, each employee undergoes a series of new employee training programs upon entering the company, where various company policies and work-related K.S.A (knowledge-skill-attitude) are combined with the "new talent camp" activity to help them gain further understanding about the company's management philosophy and core values.


In addition, company also provides managerial training and lifelong learning programs, considers employees' careers development, and provides competitive performance evaluation of salary and benefits.


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For further information, please see: 2018 Mitac Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Employee Care