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Green Supply Chain

Conflict Mineral Purchasing Policy

We achieved "management at source" by implementing investigations of smelters. Our company has placed "conflict minerals" investigations into supplier green product policies to coordinate customer investigation report demands. Also, required investigations are done on all raw materials required for use in the processes on whether they contain conflict minerals and the sources from suppliers annually. This ensures that the company and its suppliers will abide by relevant regulations with utmost effort.



Response Measures for Conflict Minerals

  •  We demands our suppliers to purchase and use conflict-free minerals. Each year, regular investigations are carried out to disclose the status of conflict minerals within MIC’s supply chain. Furthermore, the list of smelters used is published to complete the investigation.
  • In 2018, MiTAC has completed investigation on 534 suppliers and compiled the profits on 396 mining companies  to ensure our company and suppliers complies with such requirement.


Restriction on the Use of Hazardous Substances and Management

MiTAC Product Environmental Management and Regulations

To achieve the goal of eco-friendly products, MiTAC's component and materials selections all comply with international regulations, such as: EU's RoHS recast, WEEE recast, REACH and POPs etc., as well as China RoHS. All suppliers on the supply chain are required to adhere to MiTAC’s product environmental management regulation (GP-1-00001) rigorously. Through a green supply chain management and hazardous substance management, MiTAC is able to provide products with low toxicity and low pollution, in turn minimizing hazards to the environment and people’s health.


Green Product Management Platform Creation

MiTAC has created a green product management platform (eGP System) and high efficiency supply chain management system (eSCM System), where cross-platform collaboration is adopted to allow suppliers declare the status of hazard substances within components, upload third-party testing results and respond to customers about green management related information instantaneously.


eGP and eSCM platforms ensure that our products comply with the latest environmental regulations (regional and client restricted), in turn making MiTAC’s green product management system more stringent and efficient. Qualified and capable suppliers are selected to supply electronics and components that comply with environmental protection regulations in order to improve competitiveness, customer trust and satisfaction.





Incoming Quality Control

  • Provides green products with low toxicity and low pollution: Supplier design, manufacturing and management are reinforced through upstream supply chain management.
  • Utilize eSCM/eGP to communicate with suppliers and manage green products and components: Ensure compliance with international and customers’ environmental regulations
  • Establish containment strategy: Form hazardous materials analysis labs to conduct random testing of materials for hazardous materials, thereby effectively preventing substandard, non eco-friendly products from entering or exiting.



For further information, please see: 2018 Mitac Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Green Supply Chain