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MiTAC Computing Technology®, an industry-leading server & storage solution provider for enterprise, cloud and 5G edge compute, today introduced its Aowanda AD211 edge server incorporating AMI TruE™ Trusted Environment Platform Security Solution for a secure 5G computing environment at Intel Data Centric 2021 in Taipei, Taiwan.


 “AMI and MiTAC are collaborators of the NIST® National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) 5G Cybersecurity. In collaboration with AMI and NCCoE 5G teams, the Aowanda AD211 with support for 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors delivers a true trusted 5G and edge computing environment”, said Danny Hsu, Vice President of Server Infrastructure Business Unit of MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation.


The AD211 supports the network rack cabinet and complies with NEBS, and is optimized for chassis depth in 2U three sleds form factor. With a centralized power supply and server node management design, the AD211 enables to enhance power efficiency and simplify cable management. The AD211 is the ideal and secured choice for telco infrastructure deployment as well as for the 5G network.

The Global GPS and DashCam Brand Leader


The Global GPS and DashCam Brand Leader “As platforms in datacenter and enterprise environments become more complex and more onboard components require their own firmware, the need to verify and secure platform firmware and software has never been more important. To meet the growing need for foundational security, our AMI TruE™ Trusted Environment Platform Security Solution delivers holistic datacenter security solutions using key security technologies from Intel® to enable Confidential Computing and a Zero Trust security model for cloud execution. AMI TruE simplifies deployment of security technologies like Intel® SGX and enables foundational security use cases through attestation to provide workload protection and ensure execution on trusted servers in compliance with increasing security regulations,” said Stefano Righi, Vice President of Global Software, Security Engineering & Services at AMI. “We are proud to have this opportunity to partner with MiTAC, a valued collaborator with us on NIST® NCCoE 5G cybersecurity initiatives, as it introduces the Aowanda AD211 edge server with our AMI TruE Trusted Environment Platform Security Solution to the world at the Intel Data Centric 2021 event in Taipei.”


About MiTAC Computing Technology

Focused at cloud computing solutions and services, MiTAC Computing Technology came with design and manufacturing experiences in enterprise servers, storage systems, embedded products and industrial computers for 20 years strong, as well as hyper scale data center implementation proven records. Combining 30 years of history of TYAN server customization capacity, comprehensive relationships with channel and system integration service providers it is now providing customers with deliverables featuring flexibility and customization while aligned with different system and application types. MiTAC’s cloud computing solutions cover the entire spectrum, from rack and tower system, high-performance and GPU-accelerated computing, cloud computing servers, storage systems, blade servers, workstations, through to complete systems and cabinets aimed at offering customers and markets the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) public, private and hybrid cloud equipment of the next generation; MiTAC smart client solutions may contain panel PC, BOX PC, mobile POS, and industrial mainboards to offer brand owners and system integrators with specialty solutions featuring better integration and competitiveness.



About AMI

Founded in 1985 and known worldwide for AMIBIOS®, the mission of AMI is to power, manage and secure the world’s connected digital infrastructure by providing best-in-class UEFI and remote management firmware, security solutions, development tools and utilities to top-tier manufacturers of desktop, server, mobile and embedded/IoT systems. In line with its foundational technology focus, AMI is a member of numerous industry associations and standards groups, such as the UEFI Forum, DMTF, the NIST National Cybersecurity Excellence Partnership (NCEP) and the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). Headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, AMI has locations in the U.S., China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan to better serve its customers. For more information on AMI, its products or services, please visit ami.com.