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Notification of Personal Information Protection

In an attempt to provide you with various products and services, or online marketing activities or transactions etc., MiTAC Holdings Corporation and its affiliated companies (collectively “Company”) may collect your personal information through the customer services, electronic newspaper, product inquiries or services, repairing services, online shopping or transactions, online marketing activities, membership registration or application, feedbacks, and any other online application or services you use. In consideration of your interests, and to ensure the protection of your personal information and privacy, please read carefully the following contents of the notification before you provide, enter into or store your personal information for any reason. Providing, entering into or storing your personal information through any of the aforementioned ways, methods or activities indicates that you have fully acknowledged and accepted that Company and its affiliated companies, branches, business partners and third parties on its behalf shall have the right to directly or indirectly collect, process, use or internationally transmit your personal information.


Pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act, Company hereby requests you to note and understand the following:

  • Purpose of Collection: marketing, contract, contract-like or other legal relation matters, consumer, customer management and service, internet shopping and other electronic commerce services, investigation, statistics and research analysis, other consulting and consultant services (Legal Specific Purpose Code 040, 069, 090, 148, 157, 182), other business operation in accordance with the business registration, and delegating other person to handle the related matters.
  • Classification of Personal Information:
    • Types of Identification C001 to C003
    • Types of Characteristic C011 to C013, C023 and C024
    • Social Conditions C031, C032, C034, C035, C038 and C039
    • Employment C061
    • Details Concerning Finance C081
    • Other Kinds of Data and Information C131 and C132
  • Time Period, Area, Target and Way of Use:
    • Time Period: the duration of the specific purposes of collecting personal information, or the time period as stipulated by the laws (for example, Business Entity Accounting Act), or the time period required for Company to carry out the business activities (if the required period is longer than the one stipulated by laws), or the time period provided in an individual contract.
    • Target: Company and its affiliated companies, business partners and third parties on its behalf, judicial authorities, authorities which have investigation rights according to the laws, other recipients of internationally transmitted personal information who are not restricted by the central competent authorities, or any other trading counterparties of Company who have the need to collect, process, use and internationally transmit the relevant personal information.
    • Area: the place where the aforesaid person or entity the Personal Information is provided with is located, whether domestically or abroad.
    • Method/Way: to collect, process, internationally transmit and use the personal information through automatic machines or by other non-automatic measures (such as the use of the hardcopy, electronic document or other appropriate measures based on then applicable technology) according to the Personal Information Protection Act and the relevant laws and regulations. regulations.
  • Rights you may exercise regarding your personal information: with regard to your personal information provided by you to Company, you may, subject to the relevant provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act, exercise the rights as follows:
    • inquire or request for review or making duplicates of your personal information; a fee may be charged to you by Company according to the relevant laws;
    • request to supplement or correct your personal information; however, you shall provide the adequate explanation according to the relevant laws;
    • request to discontinue the collection, processing or use of your personal information, or request to delete your personal information; however, Company reserves the right to reject your request if it is necessary for its performance of duty or conduct of business, or required by relevant laws and regulations.
  • You may submit your inquire or request as set forth herein above by sending emails to stock@mic.com.tw, Company will promptly proceed with your inquiry or request.
  • You may, at your free discretion, decide whether or not to provide your personal information. However, if you decide not to provide your personal information, Company will not be able to provide you with the products or services, or carry out the necessary business activities, process or other related services for you; Company shall have to right to decide or reject to conduct the transactions, business activities or any other related matters with you.


In the event that with respect to the collection, processing, use and/or international transmission of the personal information, if there is any inconsistency between any of the contents of this notification and the terms and conditions of the contract or any other document previously entered into by and between you and the Company, the contents of this notification shall prevail.


Company reserves the right to change or update the contents of this notification regarding the protection of personal information at any time, so please re-visit this page as often as you wish; any update of the notification will be posted on Company's website www.mitac.com