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Sustainable Management, Sustainable Growth


We cherish the influence of the enterprise, thus we have incorporated the ethical standards of honesty and integrity and the concept of sustainability into the Company's code of conduct. From the management to each employee, our countless endeavors have constantly increased our accountability and commitment towards the environment, society, employees and stakeholders.


By strengthening our existing advantages and operating performance, we will embrace a brighter, sustainable future with our partners in the value chain.


MiTAC Commitment


Comismart Environmental Control System

In terms of policies on climate change, MiTAC Group has developed the Comismart intelligent environmental control system to provide employees with a more comfortable and energy-saving environment, and to effectively manage water/power consumption, smart parking and surveillance and provide systematic service. Furthermore, Big Data will be accumulated and maintenance operations analysis will be conducted. The office building in Taoyuan is MiTAC's green building demonstration plant. The system is currently being introduced to other plants as well. The following is instant monitoring information for key indicators of the demonstration building.