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Identification of Stakeholders: Results of Materiality Analysis

Communication with stakeholders represents the foundation of CSR practices. In conjunction with materiality analysis, identify the most important issues for the stakeholders and MiTAC and take the necessary measures in order to reinforce the content of information disclosure. It is also reported to BOD about the status of stakeholder communication and related communication statistics in 2021 on November 11, 2021.




Material Issues/Channels for Communications with the Stakeholders

Communication with stakeholders represents the foundation of CSR practices. MiTAC aims to gain a better understanding of relevant demands and provide relevant feedback through multiple platforms and communication with stakeholders. With reference to the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES), we have defined major stakeholder groups that relate to MiTAC’s operations in terms of their responsibility, influence, dependency, tension, representativeness and diverse perspectives. These stakeholder groups included: employees, suppliers/contractors, shareholders/investors, customers and communities.




Investor Contact Window

Ms. Sammy Huang/PR Manager

TEL: 886-3-3962888 EXT: 7685

E-mail: stock@mic.com.tw



Stock Agency (the Company's stock transfer agent)

China Trust Commercial Bank - Stock Agency Department

ADD: 5F., No.83, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei,Taiwan, R.O.C.

TEL: 886-2-6636-5566

Web: https://www.ctbcbank.com



Press Contact Window

Ms. Sammy Huang/PR Manager

TEL: 886-3-3962888 EXT: 7685

E-mail: stock@mic.com.tw 



Customer Service

Mio: http://www.mio.com.tw/about-mio-contact-us.htm

Magellan: http://www.magellangps.com/Contact-Us

Navman: https://www.navman.com.au/contact-us 

TYAN: https://www.tyan.com/SupportCenter



Mitac customers, please email to: stock@mic.com.tw 



Employee Contact Window

Ms Tseng, Manager of Human Resource Center

TEL: 886-3-3962888 EXT: 6108

E-mail: speakout_mic@mic.com.tw 



Reporting Channel

The company has a  "Procedures for reporting corruption and dereliction of duty" list and sets up a special reporting mailbox for employees. If you find a major violation or illegal event happening, you may report to the unit that deals with the reporting.


The process is as follows:

When the employee finds a major violation or illegal event, he may report to the unit that deals with the reporting.

The unit after receiving the reporting shall set up an investigation committee to conduct investigation; investigation committee members shall be constituted by the auditing department calling representatives from the legal, auditing and human resources as well as the central supervisor of the involved person.

The relevant reporting information shall be kept confidential and separately. Disclosure of the information without reason shall be met with punishment according to the company's punishment policy.

The company shall protect the reporting person. Severe punishment shall apply to the person who threatens, intimidates or conducts any illegal act against the reporting person according to the law.

For the reporting matter, once the investigation committee has verified, it will be reported to the general manager and relevant involving supervisor. The person who derelicts his duty not only shall be punished according to the company's punishment policy, but will also be made to submit the correctional plan and shall be requested to correct it within certain time frame.


Other Stakeholders

Such as community or supplier, please email to: stock@mic.com.tw