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According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the 2019global economic growth will reduce by 2.9% over 2018mainly because of the weakening economic data of many countries, particularly the uncertainties brought by the US–China trade war that intensifies market fluctuation. However, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 makes the global market even more uncertain. Despite the challenging macro environment, MiTAC will continue to introduce new technologies and products through R&D and design to create revenue and profit growth through the concerted efforts of employees. With sustainable operations and steady growth as the bases of management, we will put equal emphasis on corporate profit, talent asset, and environment protection to realize the sustainable development of the enterprise, talents, and environment described as follows.



Strengthening Governance: Establishing the Audit Committee, and Chief Governance Officer

We constantly improve corporate governance and organization structure and optimize and enhance information transparency. In the 2019 Corporate Governance Evaluation, we were ranked the top 6–20%. In the same year, we also established an audit committee to strengthen the supervisory function of the board of directors (BOD) and the chief governance officer (CGO) to supervise affairs relating to corporate governance.


Valuing Talents and Employee Care and Protecting Employee Health and Safety

To MiTAC, employees are one of the most important assets. In view of the needs, rights, and interests of employees, apart from building a fair, reasonable, friendly, and flexible workplace, we combine career development and organizational goals to provide employees with an appropriate environment and develop their competencies. In 2019, the global employee turnover rate reduced by 2% over 2018 to 10%, the average hours of training per employee was increased to 58.9 hours, the retention rate after parental leave was 100%, and the disabling injury severity rate (SR) and the disabling injury frequency rate (FR) were 11.6% and 0.34% respectively, better than the SR in OHSAS18001:2018.


MiTAC cares about employee health and protects the safety of both employees and the public. In the last couple of years, apart from purchasing five automated external defibrillators (AED) and signing up to the Taiwan Public AED Registry of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOWH), we purchased blood pressure meters to facilitate employees in keeping track of their blood pressure at any time, organized health talks and first-aid training from time to time, and collaborated with the screening unit (Physio Guard Corporation Ltd.) to provide employees with free and quick heartrate screening with the medical wristband developed by this Company for early detection and prevention of arrhythmia disorders together with the AI cloud analysis system.


From Energy Conservation and Waste Reduction to Circular Economy: Winning the EMS Environmental Performance at the SGS ISO 14001 Plus Awards

Environmentally, product eco-design has always been our concern. By integrating various environmental factors to product design to effectively reduce environmental impacts through improvement of the whole product life-cycle covering design, production, use, and disposal, we have added the circulatory economy practice to enhance energy efficiency and materials use efficiency in product design. Take the server for example, to improve product design performance, we have enhanced the energy efficiency of all power supply units (PSUs) to the 80 PLUS-Platinum grade and plan to upgrade all PSUs to 80 PLUS-Titanium grade and reduce the power consumption in the standby (idle) mode in 2023. In materials use efficiency enhancement, we begin with the modular design, convenient disposal of suppliers, and concerns about the composition of key materials.


Having regard to the global trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction, while electricity accounts for about 90%energy consumption, lowering electricity consumption will naturally reduce carbon emission. In terms of proportion of electricity consumption in business operations, air-conditioning accounts for up to 50–60% of total electricity consumption, while lighting at about 30% is the second highest. The Linkou Intelligent Building started service in 2017 and is equipped with the Comismart Smart Building Automation system for real-time monitoring of water and electricity consumption. The building’s outstanding performance in energy conservation was awarded the EMS Environmental Performance at the SGS ISO 14001 Plus Awards in recognition of our long-term commitment for sustainable development that makes MiTACa model business.


Constant Dropping Wears Away A Stone: Sustainable Development

Constant Dropping Wears Away A Stone: Sustainable Development

We value enterprise influence and combine integrity and ethics to sustainable development in the code of ethics. Through countless concerted efforts over time, each supervisor and employee constantly increase their responsibility and commitment for the environment, society, employees, and shareholders, strengthens existing strengths and business performance, and teams up with all parts of the value chain to influence and contribute to the positive development of the whole environment, society, and economy.