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Dear Stakeholders,        

COVID-19 has spread for two years and the variants have continuously affected the whole world severely. Though the high vaccination rate was helpful for the mitigation of symptoms, the global economy and the life of the people were affected substantially. The unstable supply chain led to unbalanced supply and demand on the global market, the rising price of the commodities aroused concerns about inflation, and the opposing positions of China and the USA in technology and trade, as well as the war in Eastern Europe, made the situations even worse. The loss brought about by the extreme climate accentuated the urgency of the issues on the weather. With sustainable operations and steady growth as the bases of management, we put equal emphasis on business operations, human assets, and environmental protection to achieve the ESG in the respect of environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance.


Environmental sustainability


The Global GPS and DashCam Brand Leader

We referred to SBTi and TCFD to establish our emissions reduction pathways in 2021. They were reported to the Board of Directors as a response to the requirements of the customers in the reduction of the emissions along the supply chain. With respect to the carbon emissions from the organizations and products, we continuously pay attention to the risks and strategies in different climate change circumstances with the TCFD guidelines as a basis. The saving of the process energy and green power certificate management are the major strategies for the control of carbon emissions from the organizations. As for the carbon emissions from the products, the commencement of the CBAM mode requires the establishment of different laws and policies in different countries and regions. The design for the environment will be required in the development and marketing of the products. Since the supply chain of the electronics industry is wider and deeper in development, it is an extremely difficult task to realize the reduction of carbon emissions in the supply chain. By joining industrial alliances, we fulfill our responsibilities to ask suppliers for the implementation of GHG inventories and carbon reduction activities and report the supplier carbon management effectiveness through international carbon disclosure management platforms.


Employee Care 

We place great importance on the rights and benefits of our employees and strive to create a fair, just, friendly and flexible work environment; this is consistent with MiTAC’s core values. And according to this, various employee care-related systems and measures. Despite the impact of the epidemic, the Company organized many club activities, arranged health-promoting competitions, encouraged ingestion of healthy diets, and provided various facilities favorable for the health of the employees, such as the air quality detection system and a gym. MiTAC Computing Technology Corp., MiTAC Digital Technology Corp. and MiTAC International Corp. received the Sports Enterprise Certificate from the Sports Administration, indicating a further step in the promotion of a friendly workplace. As for the enhancement of CSR, we established the Taiwan-China Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Committee to review RBA requirements and relevant laws, uphold humane treatment for employees, and promote two-way labor-management communication. Our production and management organization in Hsinchu County, Taiwan, received the RBA VAP (Responsible Business Alliance Validated Audit Program) certificate.


Corporate Governance

In the 2021 Corporate Governance Evaluation, we remained ranked among the top 6-20% of all listed companies. In the same year, we were selected as a component of the “TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index”. We continue enhancing corporate governance and risk management in addition to optimizing and improving information transparency.  2022 is MiTAC‘s 40th anniversary. With the ESG as the pivot, we continue enhancing our responsibility and commitment to the environment, society, employees and shareholders; support the UN SDGs; strengthen existing strengths and business performance; and team up with all parts of the value chain to influence and contribute to the overall positive environmental, social and economic development.



Matthew Miau, Chairman 

Billy Ho, Corporate President