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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was an extremely tough year. Epidemic control, lockdown, labor shortage, transportation disruption and supply chain disruption, none of them had ever happened but all have come one after another. Thanks to the flexible work pattern and mission-oriented culture developed over the years, and alongside the efforts in digital transformation over the past few years, employees of the group could quickly respond to the constantly changing situations and overcome ceaseless difficulties through concerted efforts to timely fulfill the delivery demands of customers. With sustainable operations and steady growth as the bases of management, we put equal emphasis on business operations, human assets and environmental protection to achieve the sustainable development of operations, talents and the environment described as follows.



Sustainable Operations: Strengthening Corporate Governance and Enhancing Risk Management
Continual Improvement Plan

We constantly improve corporate governance and organizational structure and optimize and enhance information transparency. In the 2020 Corporate Governance Evaluation, we were ranked among the top 6-20% among all listed companies. In the same year, we were also selected as a component of the "TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index." Risk management is exceptionally important to MiTAC. Besides establishing a risk assessment mechanism to periodically audit the business process and implementing the continual improvement of risk management, we assessed the COVID-19 condition and information security risk, prevented ransomware attacks and enhanced drilling the disaster recovery of information service.


Valuing Talents: Establishing RBA Committee

Employees are one of the most important assets to MiTAC. To care about the balanced development of employees in terms of body, mind and soul, besides arranging health checkups for all employees, we also planned health-promoting exercises for employees to participate either individually or in groups in 2020. We also designed a range of activities for employees to reduce body fat in a healthy way through balanced diets and developing the exercise habit. The 2020 global termination rate reduced by 2% from 2019 to 8% and the return rate after parental leave was up to 90%.


To further implement CSR, we established the RBA Committee in both Taiwan and China; reviewed RBA requirements, laws and regulations; valued the rights, interests and benefits of employees; provided employees with reasonable and fair wages and remunerations; treated employees based on humanitarianism; and promoted two-way labor-management communication, in order to build a friendly work environment.


Sustainable Environment: Continuing Emission Reduction and Promoting Green Factory and Green

To meet China’s four VOC standards for electronic and electrical equipment taking effect in 2020, we implemented strict requirements on the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained in the coatings, inks and bonding agents used on products and cleaning agents used in plant sites. Extreme weather events have become a desperate issue. Besides continuously controlling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to reduce operating costs, we constantly promote green manufacturing at the factories to achieve sustainable development integrating resource efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, with focus on energy conservation, water conservation, toxic substance disposal, waste reduction, exhaust reduction, and various environmental protection indicators. In addition, intelligent manufacturing is applied to enhance production efficiency, reduce labor and enhance competitiveness and energy efficiency. In green logistics, we continued to reduce carbon emissions from transportation by integrating truck circular delivery with sea transportation in shipping and replacing air transportation with sea transportation.


Constant Dropping Wears Away A Stone: Sustainable Operations

We value corporate influence and thus combine integrity and ethics to sustainable development in the code of ethics. Through countless concerted efforts overtime, each supervisor and employee constantly increase their responsibility and commitment for the environment, society, employees and shareholders; strengthen existing strengths and business performance; and team up with all parts of the value chain to influence and contribute to the overall positive environmental, social and economic development.