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Case Highlights


Blood Donation

Employees of Taoyuan Headquarters were enthusiastic about the blood donation event in 2019. On Oct. 29, total of 116 bags of blood were donated.

幼兒臨托空間 MiKids Land。

MiKids Land

Temporary daycare facility


Versatile Work Assisting

Provide consultation on psychological, legal , nutritional,
financial matters

Yu Shiu Award

Yu Shiu Award on campus with multiple themes: aiming to give back to society and develop talents in technology/design field


Product Donations

Providing Mio navigation products for Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation

Social Charity

At the 2018 year-end dinner party, we invited the Taiko Drum Troupe of the Down Syndrome Foundation ROC to give a performance. Their dedicated and lovely performance touched and warmed us.